• To support, promote, collaborate, undertakeand handhold the multisectoral startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs, especially in the health sector but not limited to, public health, health care, health technology, diagnostics, medical device equipments, accessories and consumables, medicines, health and wellness, fitness, nutrition and allied areas and to provide technical , advisory, knowledge and infrastructure support across various stages of incubation and acceleration.

  • To work and support startups,innovationsand entrepreneurship in the areas of climate change, environment and occupational health, natural disasters and epidemics, and other areas to build resilient and sustainable communities.

  • To support, undertake and carry you the research, teaching, capacity building, training, learning, upgrading skills and education, by various modes i.e. physical, distant, online or hybrid, advisory and consultancy services in health care and other areas.

  • To develop ideas, innovations, know-howand technologies whether patentable or otherwise, establishment of incubation centers and labs etc. and to support and promote startups, innovators and entrepreneurs for the same by attracting and inviting funding from various sources in India or from abroad namely VC funds, Equity, HNI investment, Mutual funds, Government Grants , CSR funds, philanthropies and donations.

  • To carry out, undertake, support or promote the activities in the area of social education , awareness and other areas for the purpose of development and empowerment of society at large in India.

  • To support, promote and strengthen health care innovations and entrepreneurship to raise standards of health of the people, create enhanced awareness and knowledge of communities and their engagement.

  • To send students, faculty, staff and others for research, training, learning, upgrading skills and education etc; and

  • To give grant or donation to a charitable entity having objects similar to the objects of this company.